I am looking for a highly-motivated student willing to pursue a PhD at TAMU-CC working on a very cool project focused on Cybersecurity and Drones! Full Announcement HERE.
Please Apply by September 30, 2021.

Our paper Having Your Cake and Eating It: An Analysis of Concession-Abuse-as-a-Service has been accepted for publication at USENIX Security 2021.

Research Interests

My research interests lay at the intersection of Computer Security and Software Verification and Validation. Concretely, I have experience on the development of techniques for verifying the correct implementation of access control models at the source-code level using formal specifications. In addition, I have also worked on new approaches for federated authentication and authorization based on security-related properties, a.k.a. attributes, in multi-organizational settings composed of different high-performance network providers. Recently, I have also explored approaches for enhancing the cybersecurity protection of mission-critical Energy Delivery Systems (EDS), by means of security assessment and monitoring techniques.

Previous Affiliations

sefcom-gray I was affiliated to the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics, (CDF), as well as with the Laboratory of Secure Engineering for Future Computing (SEFCOM) at Arizona State University, from 2012 to 2020. Both centers are directed by Dr. Gail-Joon Ahn and Dr. Adam Doupé. The work at CDF and SEFCOM focused on a variety of topics related to computer security: access control, digital forensics, security for mobile frameworks (Android), moving target defense, etc., and has been sponsored over the years by the US National Science Foundation, the US Department of Energy, Bank of America, Microsoft, Google, CISCO, among others. I was also a member of the Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC), from 2015 to 2019, a multi-disciplinary and multi-organizational effort for protecting the mission-critical cyber-infrastructure of Energy Delivery Systems (EDS) against security vulnerabilities and threats.

Ph.D. Dissertation

Publications: Authorization and Access Control

Publications: Energy Delivery Systems

Publications: Software Verification and Validation

Publications: Cybercrime And Security Requirements

Teaching Experience